Jan Fraser Inspired Life Series

Welcome to The Book on Transformation and to the Jan Fraser Inspired Life Series.


The Book on Transformation is the second book in the series and we’re so excited that it is launching this month. It will undoubtedly uplift and support you on your journey to a new and better pathway. 


I have a passion for helping people live their inspired life and that is my goal for this Inspired Life Series.  


Each book in this series will highlight one positive life quality that when increased will help you and others live a more fulfilled, satisfying and inspired life. I have created successful collaborative books in the past and they’ve become best sellers and now I feel that this is the time for the Inspired Life Series. 


Our next book will center around Gratitude, for as we are more grateful in our lives, we find more to be grateful about. If you are interested in joining our community, staying connected or perhaps writing a chapter in a future book, we welcome you.


Please click on the link below and we’ll be in touch! 

The Book on Transformation

The Book on  Joy